Kim Kardashian's Endorsement Demands: Divalicious or Not So Bad?

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As famous as Kim Kardashian is, we rarely hear about the reality star making diva demands. There was a report a little while ago that Kim had a strict schedule for interviews, but as busy as she is, we can't really blame her.

In this new report by RadarOnline, the site claims that they got their hands on some "secret business emails," that show what it takes to get Kim involved in a product launch.

According to the emails, Kim's endorsement rate is $750,000-$1 million. In addition, if travel is involved, Kim requires the following:

-5 first class tickets
-1 coach ticket (how awkward for that person when the group is boarding the plane)
-first-class hotel accommodations (1 suite for talent and standard rooms for others)
-portal to portal first class exclusive ground transportation
-airport greeter service
-glam squad fee
-a per diem

The rep also said that photos would need to be approved.

This might sound crazy, but that doesn't actually sound too outrageous to us. Kim's endorsement obviously brings in A LOT of money for companies and the ones who sign her obviously think it's worth the investment.

We look at it like buying a luxury car or a nice house. You could spend a lot less money for something cheaper, but if you think it's worth it, you're willing to pay a premium.

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