Chelsea Houska's Boyfriend Is Hot AND Handy

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Before anyone knew who Chelsea Houska's new guy actually was, there were rumors that she was dating someone famous.

Turns out, her man (Cole DeBoer) is a regular, everyday guy who just so happens to be so insanely gorgeous, we wouldn't be surprised if he DID become famous with all of the extra attention he's getting now. He just has "the look" and we certainly don't mind looking AT him, so we'd be happy to see him get some acting or modeling gigs.

With this new pic Chels posted, we find out that not only is Cole hot, he's handy, too! "Shoutout to this handy man, @coledeboer ...helping me out with stuff around the house and Aubs was pumped that he fixed her swingset. Wooo #mancandy #hearteyesfordays," she wrote.

Stop it! Does this guy have a brother or something? But seriously, if anyone deserves an awesome, hot guy, it's Chelsea. She's been through so much with her ex, Adam Lind, we're thrilled to see she's got a great guy who obviously makes her very happy.

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