Demi Lovato Dissed One Direction, Says She's Not a Fan? Demi Explains

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Recently, Demi Lovato pissed off some One Direction fans when she commented that she doesn't plan to collaborate with 1D because they don't inspire her.

Yeah, those are fighting words among the fandom.

Feeling the need to give a little more clarification about her reasons for not hooking up with 1D for a song, Demi spoke with Montreal Virgin Radio to defend her comments.

Interestingly, her reasoning came off like even more of a diss, though we think we know where she's coming from. No hate towards One Direction, but here's what Demi said: "People are making it into a bigger deal. It's not that big of a deal. People are making it out to be this huge thing!"

She explained, "I collaborate with people that really inspire me and when I want to collaborate with someone, I wanna go after Kelly Clarkson or I want to collaborate one day with Eminem. I love Iggy Azalea. These are people I really want to collaborate with."

That doesn't mean she's not anti-1D, as she noted: "I make it a point to go after people that I really enjoy and I just...I am not a One Direction fan per se...They're not bad, they're great but...they're like a boy group." what about working with The Vamps this year on "Somebody to You"? Demi explained, "I did collaborate with The Vamps but I loved the song. It was like not something I would typically do, but I loved the song and they're good guys."

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