Kris Jenner Accused of Retouching Instagram Pic With Gordon Ramsay

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For some reason, people still get fired up about the possibility that someone might have Photoshopped an Instagram pic. Hey, if we were Photoshop pros, we'd probably do it, too!

Usually, Kim Kardashian is at the center of the 'shopping accusations, but this time, it's momager Kris Jenner who's taking the heat.

While she was promoting her new cookbook, Kris posed for a pic with famed chef Gordon Ramsay, which is a pretty a pretty big deal in the cooking world.

In the critical world, however, everyone is instead making a big deal about the fact that Kris' photo looks a little different of the one Gordon posted.

Here they are side-by-side with Kris' on the left and Gordon's on the right.

Clearly, Kris' photo is much more flattering, but does that necessarily mean she Photoshopped it? And SO WHAT if she did? Don't all of us use filters and all that fun stuff?

We actually think this whole non-scandal is even less of a scandal because it looks like the pics were taken with two different cameras. Even the wood in the background looks better in Kris' version. Did she Photoshop that, too?

What do you guys think? Did she Photoshop her version of the pic or is it just different cameras and/or lighting?
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