Ed Sheeran Fires Back at Festival Organizer Who Called Him Boring

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Ed Sheeran might be a lot of things, but boring is not one of them. Isle Of Wight Festival organizer John Giddings called our favorite ginger singer just that earlier this week, and of course, Ed's firing back.

Speaking at the Live UK Summit 2014 on a panel about festivals, John said the music business doesn't invest to "build" a band, leading to a lack of headline options for festival bookers. That's when he took a dig at Ed, too.

According to a report by Virtual Festivals sited by NME, John said, "We're not building headliners anymore. Nobody can invest in building a band over five albums. And if boring acts like Ed Sheeran are the future then we're all screwed!"

Errr, what?! What planet is he living on? Of course, Ed shot back at him on Twitter.

Oh no he didn't! See what happens when people don't get their own way? Maybe John is just upset he didn't get Ed for his festival? Sounds like that to us...

Either way, it's awesome to see Ed stick up for himself. He's definitely NOT boring, just look at those record and ticket sales!

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