Amber Portwood Says It's Almost Impossible to Have a Regular Job

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Amber Portwood has been to hell and back and now that she's finally out of prison and getting back on her feet, we're thrilled with all of the updates we've heard so far.

First things first, there is some speculation that Amber is going to seek joint custody of her daughter, Leah, which is a huge step in the right direction for her.

Second, she has dreams of opening her own rehab center one day. After fighting the battle herself and spending time in a rehab facility, she certainly has the life experience and we love that she wants to use that to help other people.

In a new tweet posted by a fan, it looked like Amber had locked down a job, too. Two fans were having a conversation about Amber working at a local grocery store before the reality star intervened and set the record straight.

"huh? IGA?" she tweeted, referencing the store they thought she was working at. "lol no? But I do live right next to Fortville..However it's near impossible to have a regular job like that..sounds good."

She was super sweet to the fans and cleared up the rumor in the process, which is often easier said than done. That being said, we feel bad that it's so tough for Amber to find a "regular job." Something that is so simple for us becomes very complicated for high-profile people because there are paparazzi and fans and all kinds of other things to worry about.

The good news is that Amber doesn't need a "regular" job right now because she's filming another season of Teen Mom, which last we heard, was paying her $280,000 per year, so that should definitely hold her over for awhile.

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