10-Year-Old Girl Bullied After Cutting Her Hair to Donate to Cancer Patients

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First of all, Jetta Fosberg's hair looks great, regardless of the reason why she cut it. Second of all, the reason she cut it is just as beautiful as she is.

Unfortunately, her peers' reaction has not been as beautiful...

When the 10-year-old chopped 14 inches off of her hair, she didn't do it because she wanted a new look. She wasn't trying to start a trend or make a fashion statement, either. She did it for the sole reason of donating the hair to Wigs for Kids, which helps kids who have lost their hair as a result of cancer treatments. Yeah, we were pretty impressed, too.

Sadly, Jetta says that she's been bullied as a result of her new hairstyle. A group of male classmates starting making negative comments to her, saying she "wanted to be a boy," and calling her "ugly." Seriously, guys?

The good news is that Jetta's donation to kids with cancer has also turned into an accidental anti-bullying campaign. The Internet has not only embraced her haircut, they have started a #standwithJetta hashtag, where users around the world can show their support.

"Knowing that there are people who think that my haircut is cute and that they think I'm a good person, it kind of helps me like fight against them," she told WHDH Boston.

We're definitely with Jetta!
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