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5 Songs to Make Your Day Fabulous

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We all have bad days, whether it's a bad grade on an assignment or an argument with your best friend. It's a fact of life. However, the great part about life is that there is always a way to bounce back from what knocks you down. Personally, that helping hand has always been music.

So if you're having a bad day or just want to get pumped, here are five songs to make you feel awesome!

"Whoa, Whoa, Whoa," by Watsky

Yes, I can hear what all of you are thinking. Rap? Really? I don't want to hear about big butts or all of the money on my mind. Watsky is different--he's anything but a typical rapper. His songs are about working hard and being underestimated, driven by personal experiences. This song in particular focuses on his especially fast rapping, with steady beats in the background. Emphasis is put on his lyrics, which talk about being so good that he doesn't even have to enter the tournament. Talk about confidence. I recommend listening to this song before a test, big game, or anything that requires you to have the utmost amount of confidence. Enough confidence to fist pump the air for no particular reason.

"Really Don't Care," Demi Lovato

Not only does the music video for this song have a strong equal rights undertone, the lyrics for this song are strong as well. Demi is showcasing herself as a strong independent woman, and I couldn't be happier for her. She wants us to not care about what others think--the only person whose opinion matters is YOU. The poppy beat, don't-care-about-what-you-say lyrics, and Cher Lloyd's sassy rap complete this song and make it an anthem you can listen to while getting over your last breakup or going on a run.

"Shake It Off," Taylor Swift

T-Swizzle is not unfamiliar with public scrutiny, something that she addresses in her latest single. Her advice is repeated over and over again throughout the chorus: shake it off. If someone hates on your dating style or calls you stupid, don't pay it any attention. Taylor's poppy beats and subtle digs at her critics make this song a must-listen, especially if you're feeling criticized or just need to perk yourself up again.

"Papaoutai," Pentatonix (Cover of Stromae)

No, you have not lost the capability to understand English. This song is just completely written in French, and Pentatonix decided to stay true to the song's original language when arranging it. Not only is the music video crazy fun (who comes up with a concept about singing dolls?), but their arrangement makes this serious song easy to rock out to. The addition of Lindsay Sterling and her fantastic dancing/violin skills make this song THAT much better, adding a classical foundation to this percussion-filled song. The lyrics are something everyone can relate to, when a parent or someone close to you is never there, but the song doesn't make you feel that loneliness. In fact, I recommend this song if you yourself are feeling lonely, because, not only will the song make you feel like you aren't really, alone you'll definitely feel cheered up by Pentatonix's wacky dance moves. I know I was.

"Can't Hold Us," Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

I know this song was released nearly a year ago, but I still feel as excited when I hear it now as I did when I heard it back in April. The name, "Can't Hold Us," just exudes this feeling of confidence. Ryan Lewis's superb arranging skills, with his catchy and eccentric beats, layered with Macklemore's lyrics about his rise to fame make even the most insecure person want to start their own record label. This is my jam, what I listen to before my softball games or on the way to school on a test day. Because this is the moment, and tonight is the night, and we WILL fight 'til it's over.


Now if you're feeling pissed, sad, lonely, or just want to put a little pep in your step, put these five songs on repeat for the next 27 hours. I swear on my YouTube account that you'll have a fabulous day with these lyrics floating in your mind.
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