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Fall Favourites: 7 Foods You Should Try This Fall

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The leaves are falling and changing color; there's a slight chill to the air. We're pulling out the sweaters and the the ringing of the school bells can be heard all around. That's right! It's fall again! But let's not forget about one of the best parts of this season: the food!

This year, make this season a tasty one with any one of these 7 great eats from all over New York City!

1. Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte!
Can we ever talk about the fall without talking about one of Starbucks most coveted seasonal drinks? The Pumpkin Spice Latte is a great way to ring in the season! Curl up on one of the cafe's couches with a good book and a Venti sized cup or have a quick get together with your best buds - whatever you choose to do, this burst of flavour is bound to make your day. With a bit of coffee, The Pumpkin Spice Latte will make waking up earlier to head off to school a lot easier.

2. Doughnuttery Cider Fritters! With a sweet deal at $6 for 6 mini donuts, these tiny treats are worth their weight in gold. Found in the heart of Chelsea Market, Doughnuttery specialises in scaled-down donuts that are almost too cute to eat. Grab a bag and share with friends but BEWARE: they go quickly! So snap a quick pic for instagram before taking a bite, it'll last longer!

3. Momofuku Milk Bar Crack Pie!
The Momofuku Crack Pie is honestly a little taste of heaven and is just what you need this fall. With a toasted oat crust , gooey butter filling, and the familiar taste of brown sugar, this unique concoction is just playful enough to keep the season feeling light! So pop into one of their cozy locations and have a bite for yourself.

4. Caramel Apple Pie with a Toasted Walnut Crumble from Good Enough to Eat!
Are you looking for a tasty twist to a old fall classic? Look no further than the Upper West Side's Good Enough to Eat. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner the restaurant is famous for it's amazing desserts, this one included. It's crunchy, sweet and familiar. What more could we ask for? Just looking at it makes my mouth water! It's a great way end to a hearty meal that'll keep you warm and happy whenever!

5. Pumpkin Flavoured Ice Cream from Morgenstern's!
With the chilly weather coming on a bit strong this year, you'll want to hop to it, when it comes to this fall treat. Sticking with traditions, Morgensterns has taken pumpkin and put it into a lovable ice -cream. Traditional and new, this is certainly a crowd-pleaser as a new way to enjoy a fall taste as old as time. Go now, while it's still reasonable to eat ice cream!

6. Ramen from Okonomi! A quirky Japanese restaurant in Williamsburg, Okonomi has no menu but does have phenomenal traditional food. Japanese is probably not the first thing you think of when I say Fall foods but after tasting the ramen from Okonomi you'll not be able to understand why you didn't think of it first. Ramen is such a staple of comfort food and with Okonomi at the helm, you'll make it your staple of fall foods too! It's great to curl up with a hot bowl of ramen in front of a fireplace watching the multicolored leaves fall. Why don't you try something this year?

7. Chili from Lucky 777 Chili!
Nothing says cool weather like chili and now you can get amazing Chili from Lucky 777 Chili. With large variety and myriad options when it comes to the ingredients of your chili, the possibilities are endless. You could have beef or pork or turkey. The spices and herbs are numerous and so are the feels. It's a perfect accent to a long day and just asks to be eaten while cozying up under a large blanket. The toppings are never ending, so what are you waiting for?!

That's all folks! Those are seven of my favourite fall eats. Why don't you go try some?! Comment below with some of your favourite fall foods!
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