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Good morning/afternoon/evening everybody! I'm very excited about writing my first blog entry on the Cambio blog. This will be my first official blog entry ever(unless Tumblr counts). I'm pretty sure by now all of you will be in your second(?) month of the school year, so I want to offer you my congratulations!!!

How has school been so far? I'm in my last year of senior high school (phew), which means I have to start preparing for college now. It's funny when I think of transitioning from high school to college because it feels like I'm going to become a freshman again. But I'm also pretty excited for the future. All my classmates are really great and I've made tons of new friends. But I will always remember my Girls Who Code :)

Every now and then I think to myself, "Oh, she would know how to do this" or "I bet she would have liked this." I hope all the girls from the program are having a great school year as well.

Honestly ever since graduating from the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion program I've become more outgoing and have even talked to some classmates I never would have talked to before. I've even taken charge of the homecoming decorations for my club. Guess what my school's homecoming theme is? SUPERHEROES AND VILLAINS!!! I am so incredibly excited for this theme because I can go all out on the decorations and costume.

I would also like to thank Cambio Built By Girls for giving me the opportunity to become a blogger. I will be a little shaky at first but I promise to try really hard for everybody, including myself. I'm also excited to write about topics like fashion, DIY, baking, anime, TV shows, Korean shows/music, anything at all.

For my next blog entry I plan on writing about clothes and fashion so stay tuned and don't hesitate to ask me advice on anything! See you soon~ :-D
Good Night Everybody
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