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Kalin and Myles Get "Stuck In" a Seriously Fun Cambio Q and A

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(Editor's Note: Nikki, Natasha, Roxy, Lily and Michelle above from left to right with Kalin and Myles in the middle, are all Girls Who Code graduates who interned at Cambio this summer, helping to relaunch the site by building new features and putting their stamp on our content. They got to interview Kalin and Myles, along with other stars like Gregg Sulkin and Lindsey Stirling. Check out their Q&A with Kalin and Myles below.)

You may have heard Kalin and Myles' hit song "Love Robbery," but you might not know that Kalin "can't live without" his Air Jordan sneakers and Myles is a squeaker, plus totally obsessed with hair products. The hip hip duo stopped by Cambio to talk about how they started making music together, what inspires them and spill some secrets about themselves and each other, including what songs they sing in the shower.

Girls Who Code: Can you tell us the story of how you guys first became a duo?
Kalin: I'll bring it back to the first day we met. Myles was throwing a house party and one of our mutual friends brought myself and it was crazy. He tries to play it down like it was a little kickback, but the turn up was real. That's how we met and we became homies. It wasn't until a couple years later, like 2011, when we made our first song and it got a good reaction. We were like, "Okay, what else can we do?" and he was like, "Let's make another song," and I was like, "Alright, let's try it out since the first one was so much fun!" By the time we made our fifth song we started picking up group names. He was like, "What should our group name be?" and I was like, "I kind of like it just as our first names," and that was that. Then we started doing our first shows. We never considered ourselves an actual duo, we kind of just grew.

GWC: What's your favorite thing about each other?
Kalin: My favorite thing about my bandmember over here is that I feel like he's really talented. He picks up to things very fast and I think it's a great asset and a great ability of his to make beats because without creating home music neither of us would be at this spot.
Myles: I really like his sense of humor. I think I've laughed harder than I've ever laughed in my whole entire life with him, like the top five laughs ever.
Kalin: I'm staying humble, but sometimes there's so many random sounds that he makes.
GWC: Can you give us some examples of the random sounds that he makes?
Myles: Like I squeak sometimes and I don't know how it happens I just have a laugh attack.

GWC: What inspires you to write music?
Myles: Current situations in our lives, like with girls. Or things we feel like can relate to everyone else. Whatever energy we're into inspires our writing.

GWC: What inspired your song "Stuck in a Kodak?"
Myles: We just wrote from our heart. I start off with the line, "Just updates with no action." I feel like people can really caught up in social media and it's just hard for people to sometimes live in the moment. I just think life is too short to get wrapped up in any activity so it's just heavy on my heart.

GWC: Can you each tell me a weird fact about the other person?
Kalin: I don't think Myles will go anywhere without his hair gel. Like we had a really important meeting yesterday and we were late because he needed hair gel. He was like "I'm leaving." I was like, "Where are you going?" He was like, "Dude, I forgot my hair gel."
Myles: Hmm, I'm trying to think of one...
Kalin: Yeah, I'm pretty normal.
Myles: He eats a lot, which is weird.

GWC: Who are your idols?
Myles: I would say my dad. He put me onto a lot of game and a lot of wisdom growing up for sure.
Kalin: In the music game, I would have to say Chris Brown. When you listen to an artist over and over again and you don't get tired of their music, that's when you know it's real.

GWC: Where would you guys like to get in the future with your music?
Myles: I would say just being able to tour more and continuing to make music. We just have a lot of fun and thats a huge aspect of it. Producing, writing, performing. We just love performing and so any chance we get to be out somewhere and connect with the girls is awesome...and guys too, there some guys out there, too.

GWC: You guys recently went on tour. What was that experiencel like?
Myles: Yeah it was cool. We got to do a couple shows out in like Santa Anna; the girls over there bring a lot of energy. It's fun and always a good time.

GWC: Can you tell us about a favorite moment with a fan, or something that stood out to you?
Kalin: My favorite part about the whole music beautifulness is the crowd interaction, it could be one on one like if I was asking a fan how her day was or if I'm on stage it's like making conversation with our eyes, or stuff like that.
Myles: I think for me it's being able to talk to some of the girls or staying in touch with some of the girls we started with. Like there's a few girls that have been some real day-ones and so being able to check in with them is cool.
Kalin: We love them all though, like the new ones that come and yeah I love all the moments.

GWC: What are three things you can't live without?
Kalin: Unfortunately like right before I fall asleep and once I wake up I check my phone and that's just how society is these days so it'll have to be phone, food, and Jordans.
Myles: Phone, gel and computer.

GWC: What songs do you like to sing in the shower?
Myles: I sing "Favorite Girl" by Justin Bieber from the My World album which is probably one of my favorites.
Kalin: I have this little portable speaker that I use when I take a shower so I'm just singing whatever's on Pandora or my phone.

Kalin and Myles even taught our GWC Interns some of their sweet moves. Check out the video below. Also, you can get your hands on their Chase Dreams EP here!

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