Ouch: Can You Shave With a Men's Razor?

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Can you shave your legs with your boyfriend's razor?

Of course you can. You can also cut your own hair with the orange-handled scissors your mom keeps in her crafting drawer, but, you know. Some options are better than others.

"Gillette, Bic, and Schick have stated that the shave angle of men's cartridge razors have what they term 'aggressive exposure,'meaning a greater angle on the blade is exposed," says Karen Young, founder and CEO of Oui Shave, a brand-new shaving club just for women.

And that men's razor blade, by the way, "is normally meant for cutting coarse and longer facial hairs," not ours.

To be honest, women have been taking a haircut on shaving products for a long time. Get this: the average disposable women's razor is built to be used as little as one time (!), and the razors sold by some shave clubs may last longer, but they're really better for men. Young's Oui Shave, which just launched this month, is the first women's shave club that we know of. And even better: Its razor is meant to last forever.

Bye bye, disposables.


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