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Bang. You are at home and from the comfort of your recliner you hear a sound that will forever echo in your heart. Moving forward in the days to follow the death of your loved one you try to retrace every moment that once was a moment with THEM. Moments that you can never get back and moments that we as people can never give back to the residents of Ferguson Missouri.

But in all truth how many of us really care? Now don't say "Oh, I truly do" or pretend for the faintest of seconds that this tragedy plagued you if it was nothing more than a gut wrenching head line in your day.

In the reality of the chaos this is a tragedy repeatedly witnessed in low income environments and even more so by the African-American community. Despite wide spread discussion it is 2014 and racism is still relevant. And for those of us who wish to be silent and non-intrusive in such matters we take the side of the oppressor and not the oppressed. Yet some of us choose to be fearless in our efforts to change such statistics. And Ferguson has been a great proponent of showing such change.

People want to see a difference in the way America treats minorities and as time passes the only way to see such progress is through youth. It is sad to say that teenagers my age and younger/older have to worry about where they are at what time, watch what they say, and essentially follow a code of law that is not exactly specified in a handbook.

But all the same we know it exists we know better than to break those rules and are continually reminded of the consequences even when we aren't the ones who have faltered. Yet it has come to a point where these unwritten laws of land are becoming visible to all and the brutality suffered at the hands of young men and women shall no longer go un-noticed.

The acts of violence in Ferguson triggered what I would call unity. People from around the world sending in love and support for people whom they barely knew.

This is what it should be like, teenagers of all races taking stands in places such as NYC, Chicago and other major cities to show support and to take a stand and to make a difference. This is the change the world needs and the youth are the ways in which we will see it
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