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Tech Secrets: Bet You Didn't Know These 7 Stars Are Coding Fans

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1. "Recently I learned to program. It's a completely different language. It's important to understand how it works." - Karlie Kloss, supermodel

2. "High school students need to learn computer coding. Computer programming is essential for students today." – Ashton Kutcher

3. When WIll.I.Am isn't busy making platinum records, he's working on acquiring a useful skill by taking coding classes with Code.org.

4. Jimmy Fallon, hilarious host of The Tonight Show, majored in -- give up? -- Computer Science! Bet you didn’t know that.

5. Actress Angela Bassett who participated in the Hour of Code, didn't realize that programming could be so easy and shockingly exclaimed, “I wrote it?!”

6. When NBA All-Star Chris Bosh isn't counting his championship rings, he's off coding on the side. "Coding IS something you can do," he says. "I know it's intimidating, but what isn't?"

7. Rowan Atkinson, AKA the lovably awkward Mr. Bean, intended to pursue a career in electrical engineering. Imagine Mr. Bean as an EE - yikes!

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