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Teenage Girls Take Charge and Make a Change

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Numerous studies have shown that the majority of users on the world's most popular social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram are females ages ranging from 13-17. In simpler terms, teenage girls run the internet.

In this day and age a huge part of how people think, act, and even communicate is impacted by social media. Social media sites allow their users to share opinions, spark ideas, and spread new trends. The fact that this huge demographic of users is full of teenage girls shows that a lot of these ideas, movements, etc. are coming from them. Although this is something that's often forgotten, it holds a lot of respect for teen girls that they do deserve. The way these girls work together and spread information can create a powerful force (and one not to be reckoned with if I might add) and really change the way people think about things. Who do you think created the strong and often times intimidating support behind some of the world's biggest bands recently? Who do you think sparked the movement to put an end to harassment videos on YouTube?

Girls all over the world are coming together to show people they can make a change. They're standing up for what they believe in and speaking out about topics that matter. They're building, writing, coding, creating apps, and taking ridiculous amounts of initiative to change the image of typical teenage girls.The teenage girl is evolving, and she's taking over.
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