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Tips for Studying Abroad in China

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1. Bottled water is your best friend. Water in China is not safe and will make you sick, so bring a bottle of water with you wherever you go. Also there is some REALLY weird food in China (i.e. ketchup, cabbage and egg sandwiches, which my host family gave to me on my first day) so you can fill up on water and say 我吃饱了 (I'm full) as an excuse not to eat it.

2. Bring some comfort food with you. You WILL get homesick, and food WILL make you feel better. I would do anything for a Cadbury chocolate bar with carmel inside right now.

3. Don't be afraid to cross the street. There are "sidewalks" in China, meaning white painted lines on the concrete. No one uses them, and no cars will stop at the cross walks so when you want to cross the street, JUST GO FOR IT or else you will never get to the other side. Don't worry, no one will run you over.

4. Bring your own pillow. I swear the pillows here are just sack of rice, no one in China owns fluffy pillows made of feathers.

5. Do not worry. They have Starbucks. Its called 星巴克.
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