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What Is Different?

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My name is Osariemen. You may not know me, but I am different and I think you are too. Before I delve into how I am different, let me explain why you are. Nothing is normal.

If we take a moment to ponder, we realize that "normal" is actually a relative term. What is "normal" in Ethiopia is strange in Ghana even though both are located on the same continent. Personally, how Texans prefer things sized is quite strange to me, but that is their "normal." Texan food, clothes, ranges, ranches and life, are "normal" to Texans while strange to New Yorkers.

If you are human, somewhere in you there is a base pair that is different than mine. I can guarantee you that you are different. I know this because you are not Osariemen. You do not sing in string, nor do you derive happiness in memorizing your friends' numbers instead of saving them, and you do not listen to String Quartet No. 1 in E Flat Major by Luigi Cherubini while typing articles. Do not be afraid to be different, because differences are the real normal.

So if differences are "normal," what is difference? I reckon that differences are human-constructed designed to separate humanity from each other. So let us use higher cognition to dismantle this concept. I see myself as "normal" only because I am so different from most people. If you are reading this, you are a part of the top 5% of the world that a) can read in English, b) can access the Internet c) are able to locate the Cambio d) are privileged to know my deepest secret (that I am comfortable being who I am regardless of where I am).Whether you like building robots, making tables with wood you cut yourself, or reading, we all have our niches. That is quite okay!

So with all of these differences under your command do not be perturbed by someone calling you "weird." Unfortunately for them, they just have not accepted their differences yet. In a way that makes them weird. Live life. Love. Laugh. Learn. C'est la vie. We only get one chance to do this. Vive bene!
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