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What's Gregg Sulkin's Hidden Talent? 5 Cambio Interns Find Out

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Of course you know talented actor Gregg Sulkin, from Wizards of Waverly Place, Pretty Little Liars and his most recent movie, Affluenza. But we bet you didn't know what he could do with his tongue. Okay, that sounds really bad, but we promise it will make sense once you check out the Vine at the bottom of this post!

(Editor's Note: Michelle, Lily, Nikki, Natasha and Roxy, above from left to right with Gregg in the middle, are all Girls Who Code graduates who interned at Cambio this summer, helping to relaunch the site by building new features and putting their stamp on our content. The first person they interviewed was Gregg. They were a tiny bit nervous - the good kind of nervous - but they didn't let it show. Check out their Q&A with Gregg.)

GWC: So, this year you've been working on a lot of different types of projects - from dramas and romances to horror films and comedies. What have you learned from working on such a diverse group of projects?

Gregg: Well, I definitely think I've become a better actor. I think you have to do all different types of projects to kind of find out about yourself. I just did a horror movie. We were doing six-day weeks, 14 hours a day, and I was crying for six weeks straight! I don't think I'll definitely be jumping back into the horror genre for a while. But you learn and you grow. A lot of the scenes were exteriors, and it was raining outside. Obviously at the time [I read the script] I thought it was really cool, and the you're actually under a rain machine for six weeks, soaking wet. So I think it's taught me to read scripts a lot more carefully.

GWC: What gets you interested in auditioning for a role, and what detracts you from one?

Gregg: I'm not attracted to auditioning; I don't think any actors are attracted to auditioning. It's a very unnatural experience. You walk into a room, and you're about to be judged. I think actors don't mind being in front of the camera, because the camera doesn't really have an opinion. The camera's there and it's just gonna pick up whatever you do. Whereas with people - and the acting industry is kind of based on opinions - it's a scary thought to walk into a room and be judged. So the audition process, if I never have to do it again, I won't miss it. Also, I would never take a project based on size, you know, if the project's huge and the character's terrible then there's no point in doing it. So, it's always the character first, then the story, and how good the script is. That's always what I look out for. Not how many people are gonna see a movie. What fulfills you, I think, is important.

gregg sulkin
GWC: What's your most embarrassing moment on set or during an audition?

Gregg: When I first started Wizards, I was quite weak. (I've gotten a lot stronger over the past few years, or I like to think so, anyway. Now I actually go to the gym.) There was a scene where I had to pick Selena up and kind of twist her around, like a very masculine, heroic kind of thing, and I could hardly lift her off the floor. Not because she was overweight obviously, just because I was very weak. So, yeah, that was quite embarrassing. 'Cause every guy wants to be masculine, but at 17 I hadn't managed it quite yet.

GWC: Have you ever been discouraged from being an actor? What advice do you have for someone who's being discouraged from doing something they really love?

Gregg: I've never really been discouraged because I was always quite thick-skinned. Sometimes people will say no just to test you, so I always see it as a sort of game. Of course I've wanted a role and didn't get it, or I wanted to do something and didn't achieve it. But I think that makes you stronger, and I think you have to be rejected at a point in your life, otherwise things are too easy. So, it's kind of how you bounce back from defeat, I guess. Any advice I would give would just be to keep working. People who truly believe they have a talent and really believe that they are meant to do it and really believe that they can succeed in anything they do, I would say never ever give up. Knuckle down, work hard, be nice to people. If it's meant to be, it will kind of be.

GWC: Okay so Faking It was recently renewed for a second season. What are you most excited for about shooting that?

Gregg: Well firstly, it shoots 15 minutes away from my house, which I love. And also the cast - you spend 12 hours a day with these people so you hope that they're nice - and on this show they're actually super. Most of them are quite new to the industry, so I love everyone's enthusiasm and excitement to do a project that they love. And now they're all close friends of mine, so its kind of like I go to work and just hang out and then it's like, "Oh Gregg, you're needed at set to do a scene." And then you do the scene and then hang out again, so its great. So that's what I'm excited for. Oh, and we have an amazing blender, like a juice blender. Honestly, it's amazing. I love it!

gregg sulkin
GWC: What are three things you can't live without?

Gregg: Family, definitely. Arsenal Football Club, which is an English soccer team. Friendship/Career, can we put it in two? So four. Because I think it's important to have a passion and really want to achieve something. But also, if you succeed, it's nice to have friends to share the experience with. From a financial point of view, there's no point in having 500M pounds and not having anyone to share it with. There are only so many steaks you can eat by yourself. Not that I have 500M pounds at all.

GWC: What do you hope to accomplish in the future?

Gregg: From an actor's point of view, I want to concentrate on TV and film for the next 10 years and then hopefully transition just into film and also produce. I don't know about directing. I see the hours they work and I see how stressed they get and how gray they get after each shoot! I definitely want to do some stuff for charity. I went to Peru two years ago and I really want to go and build a football school over there. Hopefully before I go and see the big man upstairs, I'll be able to do that. I think it would be really cool to kind of leave something physically in a place like that. And obviously I'm young now, but I want to be a dad and have little kids running around. So from a personal point of view, that's what I want to do, but from an actor's point of view, I just want to keep working hard.

GWC: You've been on the same set as Selena and the cast from Pretty Little Liars. Do you ever get starstruck?

Gregg: I don't get starstruck that often, weirdly enough. But I was at a hockey game and we have seats like literally on the ice and normally a lot of people in the entertainment industry are sitting around you. So to my right there's a guy who's maybe 50 or 60 and he's got a beard, right? And I'm thinking, why does he look so familiar? Do you remember Happy Gilmore? You know Shooter McGavin? Well he's sitting next to me and HE starts talking to ME about, like, some magazine! So we started talking, and he introduced himself, but the whole time - this was in the first period and there are three periods - all I wanted to do was the famous "Shooter McGavin." I watched that movie so many times as a kid, so it was kinda cool meeting him, and the funny thing in hockey is everyone's always like "Shoot it! Shoot it!" so you would think he must not want to go to hockey games because all he hears is "Shoot it!" It's amazing. I love it. So him. Oh, and David Beckham.

GWC: When did you meet David Beckham?!

Gregg: Oh, I met him numerous times. Also, his kids watch Wizards so it was kind of a weird experience. I was in a shop. I went up to him, said hello, and then suddenly his kids were looking at me as if I was David Beckham, you know what I mean? So it was a very weird but humbling type of experience, which was nice. And then somehow a very close friend of mine is like best friends with him and after that experience David Beckham invited me to his house and unfortunately I had a football match that Sunday, and I couldn't let the team down. I really wish I would've let the team down now because obviously I wish I would've went to his house. That was my first and only invite to date.

GWC: What's one thing you'd think fans would be surprised to learn about you. Any hidden talents?

Greg: Not really. I have a weird thing I can do with my tongue.

GWC: Everyone can do that.

Greg: You can do that? Well let's do it then.

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