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Who Am I?

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Who are you?

The one question we all at some point in time dread answering. Not being able to know if what we identify ourselves with is the same as what other people may identify us with, but initially, it's what we feel comfortable associating ourselves with. Girls particularly, spend so much time in the mirror and at stores trying to fit the "ideal" image of how a girl is supposed to look, act, or dress. Yes, I plead guilty, I do this as well. I often find myself wishing I looked or dressed more like someone else. I am constantly pointing out my flaws and looking for ways to alter them in order for me to be "perfect".

With the media constantly in our ears, it's easy for us to feel bad about ourselves and question, well, who am I? And I must admit, even for me it wasn't easy to figure out who I truly was. I didn't know where to start. But finding out who you are goes much deeper than outside appearances, after-all, beauty is only skin deep. We all have reasons for being on this Earth, we just have to do some searching within. The first step to finding out who you are, is ignoring what other people use to define you. YOU define YOU!
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