Ed Sheeran Apologizes For Calling Miley Cyrus a "Stripper"

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Ed Sheeran REALLY wants to make nice with Miley Cyrus. The ginger singer is apologizing for basically calling Miley a stripper...again.

A few months ago Ed kind of dissed Miley and her twerking ways. Needless to say, she wasn't too happy about it. She was caught mouthing some bad words to him at the VMAs this year...

"I think she's got an amazing voice. I just think she's packaged the wrong way...When I first heard 'Wrecking Ball,' I thought it was a brilliant song, but the video distracts too much from it...I think encouraging young people to twerk might be a bad thing," he said. "It's a stripper's move. If I had a daughter of nine, I wouldn't want her twerking."

He must've really felt bad for saying that, because not only did he apologize once, but he recently made sure to bring up the whole situation again. While talking to The Sun, Ed told her he was sorry again.

"I was a bit of a c**t. I do feel bad about it as I'd be f--king livid if someone said that about me," he told them. "My general point was I wanted her to sing the songs so people could see what an amazing artist she is. I just worded it wrong."

Think Miley will accept his apology this time around? Would you if you were her?

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