Farrah Abraham Gets Sophia Another New Puppy

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If memory serves us right, this is the third dog that Farrah Abraham got for her daughter Sophia.

First, there was Kandi, the dog that we saw Farrah get on Teen Mom back in 2011. She ended up giving the dog to a neighbor, telling MomFinds.com, "I had to give Kandi away because I didn't love the puppy and Sophia wasn't playing with her much anymore. I didn't want Kandi to suffer because Sophia and I weren't bonding with her."

Mmmmk, so that takes care of that. Understandably, we were all a little surprised in January of this year when Farrah then decided to get another puppy, but maybe enough time had passed and they decided they'd give it another try - nothing wrong with that.

Farrah showed off her new Pomeranian teacup puppy named Blue on Keek, saying that it was an early birthday present for Sophia.

All right, cool, whatever. But now who is this new dog...and where the heck is Blue?

"Me and Sophia have a new little puppy. Sophia and Sassy dressed up in Little Kitty outfits to match. I love it!!" she captioned the above photo, flubbing the Hello Kitty name in the process.

It's a tiny little thing and all we can really see is its butt, but it looks cute. All dogs are cute, so this one must be, too.

A lot of fans were wondering the same thing we were, though: Where is the other dog? Come to think of it, we haven't seen any pictures of him in any of her recent pictures or videos, so we actually have no idea if Farrah ended up keeping him or not.

Blue, are you out there?

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