Kim Kardashian Says North West Will Get a Job When She Grows Up

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North West was born rich. She isn't even old enough to know what this yet, but she's already got more money than most of us could ever dream of.

Not only is she always decked out in designer duds and sporting earrings that are worth over $50,000, but baby Nori is already a total jet-setter, taking vacations to places like Paris and Mexico with her super famous parents.

So, in short, whenever North is old enough to go shopping on her own, she'll be able to afford whatever she wants. But, that doesn't mean mama Kim Kardashian is just going to give her a credit card and let her run wild.

In an interview with the London Evening Standard, Kim recalls being in high school and wanting a pair of Prada shoes that were $400. "I had to save for the entire year to get them," she explains. "We didn't get anything [from her parents], we had to get a job if we wanted it. So I was working in a clothing store and I would save and save."

She continued, "I was saying that earlier to my friends, 'I wonder what [North's] first job is gonna be'. And they were like, 'What? She's gonna have a job?' and I was like, 'Are you kidding me? Of course she is'. She will have to work for what she wants."

As for what North's first job will be, it's a little too early to tell, although Kim says she loves fashion, so "maybe she'll be a designer." She also recently said that North is "fascinated" watching her get her hair and makeup done, so maybe she'll do something in the beauty business.

Who knows what North will end up doing, but we give Kim huge props for the fact that she's going to make her daughter work for the things she wants instead of just handing them to her on a silver platter, because she could very easily do that.
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