Olivia Holt Tells Us How to Take Jeans From Comfy Casual to Red-Carpet Ready

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If you don't already know Olivia Holt, get ready to. She's got her own television show on Disney Channel and just signed a record deal with Hollywood Records, the label behind superstar singers like Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. Plus, she's the new face of the clothing brand Wallflower Jeans. We talked to the I Didn't Do It star all about fall fashion, including how to take a pair of jeans from day to night, her style must-haves and the most embarrassing thing in her closet.

Since Olivia is thew new face of Wallflower Jeans, we had to ask, what's her go-to outfit including denim jeans?

"I'm always on the go and I feel like I can't go wrong with basic pieces together with jeans, especially with this brand, because they have so many different types of jeans," said Olivia. "A pair of jeans and a cute top with some sneakers is just kind of a great on-the-go look you can put together really quick."

While jeans are often worn as part of comfy, casual looks, Olivia gave us her best advice for dressing up a pair of jeans like she did at the recent People magazine Style Watch party.

"What's really cool to dress up a pair of jeans is always putting like a pump heel with it and maybe a tight fitting top or a flowy top, just something that's a little dressier," said Olivia. "I just recently went to an event and to dress it up I put a pair of heels with it and a flowy top to go with the pair of blue jeans I was wearing."

OIivia says her dressy-casual demim look was one of her favorite red carpet ensembles, but she also loves dressing up super glam for events, like she did in a metallic gold dress at the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party.

"It was kind of a different look and it was more on the glam side. That's probably the most glam I've ever been on a carpet, actually," said Olivia. "That was a really cool look that I've never actually experienced and branched out into before."

Olivia says her favorite fall trends are sweaters, scarves, beanies and combat boots. She even says combat boots are her fashion staple, because she wears them with everything! Her must have accessory all year is any kind of jewelry, whether it's earrings, a necklace or a bracelet.

The young actress and singer describes her style as "girly, chic and comfortable." Besides wearing Wallflower Jeans, Olivia's favorite places to shop include Urban Outfitters, Free People and a Los Angeles boutique called Soto. Olivia is definitely turning into a teen fashion icon, but who does she look up to for fashion inspiration?

"For inspiration I kind of go with people who are around my age, because sometimes it's hard looking up to women because they have a little bit a sophisticated look. For everything it'd be Blake Lively. Hair, makeup, clothes, her style in general I totally love. I'm super wild about her style. And also I love Lucy Hale's style. It's very fun, but also young and youthful and hip. It's very in right now. Everything she wears I feel like is a trend that everybody is falling for. And of course the wonderful Kate Middleton. She just kills it every time," said Olivia. "I wish I could pull of half of the stuff that she does, but I love her style and she just shows the confidence that she has when she wears the things that she does."

When it comes to giving style advice to other girls, Olivia says it's all about confidence and wearing clothes you feel comfortable in. That's why she says she loves Wallflower Jeans, because they help create looks that girls can feel like themselves in.

"I'm just really excited to be working with Wallflower Jeans. They're so incredible and Wallflower Jeans has expanded into something bigger. They aren't just about jeans anymore. They offer a lot more for the everyday girl," said Olivia. "There's dresses and tops and you can put like a whole look together and you could really feel that it's you and I think that's what great about it."

Olivia always looks chic on the red carpet and in her Instagram photos, but we had to ask, what's the most embarassing thing in her closet?

"I have a lot of those beanies with like the cat ears on it or a certain type of animal. I love those and those are probably the most embarrassing. I wear those out with my friends and they're like, 'Olivia take it off,' but I'm like, 'No, it's not happening right now.' I have a Hello Kitty one and I'm super crazy about Hello Kitty," said Olivia,. "So it's cool when I wear that one, but when I wear the frog it's like, 'Nah not happening.'"

Check out some Olivia's best red carpet looks below, from super glam to sporty-casual.

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