One Direction Hater? Actor William H. Macy Slams 1D, Praises Taylor Swift

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Actor William H. Macy is not much of a One Direction fan – and has no problem with slamming the boy band either.

Earlier this year, you may recall William piled on some 1D hate during an interview on Live with Kelly and Michael, calling them talented, but saying, "they couldn't put on a good show with a gun to their head."

Turns out Bill is still a little bit grumpy (though he's not a curmudgeon about all pop stars – he did throw some love Taylor Swift's way).

To be fair, Bill isn't exactly in the band's demographic, but his daughters he has to listen to One Direction songs and frankly just isn't feeling the 1D love.

He explained to Billboard, "There was a while there where I thought the pop scene was just dead. They would take a stupid phrase that was not clever and repeat the same f**king phrase until you were ready to leap out of the car. But they're writing some good stuff these days. My oldest is really into Taylor Swift, so we went to her concert and she was great."

William added, "Then we went to One Direction, who are a bunch of wankers. I just wanted to spank them - they should be ashamed of themselves."

Ashamed? That seems a bit harsh, really.

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