Shop the Look: The Only Thing Cuter Than These Cat Ear Headbands Is the Price

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Erm, Chrissy Teigen, look away. We love you too much for you to "immediately hate" us after reading this, but the cat ear headband is a big deal. And with the festive season upon us, we're down to give it a try.

Notorious feline fanatics - now arch enemies (so catty!) - Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have proudly rocked the purr-fectly pointy piece in the past. The singers even sell their own versions of the fun hair accessory.

But these days, no one has their claws wrapped around the trend more than kitschy kitten Ariana Grande.

It's not part of an onstage persona either. The dimpled cutie has worn it on date nights with Big Sean, a Starbucks run and in the privacy of her own home for a selfie sesh. Like we said, the girl is owning it!

Another songbird who's been all (cat) ears is Jhené Aiko. While Ari mainly wears chic black, Jhené likes her kitty accents covered in flowers in all colors. (If you prefer this look, click here for the exact ones!)

Ari hasn't given a reason as to why she loves the trend. We think it's because she's still getting used to her sexier image and it helps tone down her racy outfits. Jhené, however, is transparent about her obsession.

Drake's protege, who brought home stray kittens as a child, recently told PETA, "I think cats are super smooth with everything they do. I move in silence, but when I feel threatened, I get real feisty like a cat."

Below are nine styles for under 20 bucks. Because who wants to spend more than that on cat ears?

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