Meet 13-Year-Old Fashion Designer Isabella Rose Taylor

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Isabella Rose Taylor is a high school grad, college student and already an accomplished designer. Did we mention she's also only 13 years old? Seriously. The young fashionista, artist and entrepreneur has accomplished more than many design hopefuls twice her age. We chatted with Isabella about her road to success, designing clothes for other girls her own age and why she thinks it's important for girls to build and create things.

Isabella recently made her New York Fashion Week debut, and her designs are currently sold on The Texas native says she's always been creating art, but she became interested in sewing when she was 8 years old.

"I'd been painting for a while, but that was when I started sewing. So I went to sewing camp and just sort of fell in love with it, because it's like 3D art and it's really an art," said Isabella. "So that's sort of how I got into it and then over the years it slowly grew into a business."

The coolest part about Isabella's designs are that they are made for teen girls by a teen girl! She creates pieces for girls her own age.

"I think one advantage I have designing for the junior demographic is that all the other designers are older designing for this age group," said Isabella. "So I sort of design for myself in a way and my peers."

However, being one of the youngest fashion designers at her level in the field does come with some challenges.

"There were definitely a lot of challenges. It was a lot of trial and error and learning from my mistakes, but the main problem I had was fabric sourcing, that was a huge one and still is kind of a problem for me now and that's actually why I started designing my own textiles, which was sort of a blessing in disguise, because that makes me unique from other designers. No one else will have the textiles, because they're something I created," said Isabella. "So it's just another way to incorporate my art, which is a nice thing to do."

Isabella Rose Taylor By Dell - Runway - Style360 Spring 2015
It's no surprise Isabella has already found so much success at a young age, because she is one smart cookie. She graduated high school at age 11 and is currently taking college classes.

"I'm in my second year of college right now. I've always been accelerated academically, so once I graduated high school, college was the next step for me."

Isabella is all about being creative, whether it's with fashion or art.

We had to ask: Why do you think it's important for girls to build and create things?

"I think it's important just because even if you aren't maybe a creative person [or] you aren't interested in the arts, [you can] find that mind-set for what you are interested in whether it's math or science. Just having that sort of [creative] mind-set is just really important," said Isabella. "Entrepreneurship is a great sort of equalizer for girls and you have to be creative to start your own business."

Isabella has already accomplished a lot, and she's only 13. She opened up about her future goals and ultimate dream in fashion.

"[My ultimate goal] for my brand is definitely to be a global brand and expand to accessories that can really complete my look, and also mentoring some girls," said Isabella. "I feel that it's so important to offer any advice I can to other people who are interested in the same industry I am and try to pay it forward, so they can have some of the same opportunities I did."

What advice does she have for other girls who have big dreams they want to accomplish?

"I would say, 'just do.' I know it's sort of a basic thing, but I mean the act of doing is what makes you better. And also asking for help. I would not be where I am if I hadn't asked people," said Isabella. "You'd be surprised at how many people will give you the time, they will give you great advice if you let them."

DELL Presents NYFW Debut Of The Isabella Rose Taylor Collection With Special Performance By Recording Artist Olivia Somerlyn - S
Since Isabella is a fashion guru, we had to get her take on the latest fall trends. Check out our style Q&A with Isabella below.

Cambio: Do you have a favorite piece from your line?
Isabella: My buffalo flannel jacket is one of my favorites if I had to pick one, but I like all of the pieces in my collection!

Cambio: What's your favorite fall trend?
Isabella: I love fall because of layering. Monochromatic pattern mixing is also one of my favorite things this season, but layering is sort of always relevant, not just in the fall.

Cambio: What's your must have accessory?
Isabella: I really like chokers. That's probably what I wear the most.

Cambio: What's your best piece of style advice for girls?
Isabella: I would say: simple and accessorize. Accessories jazz up any simple outfit.

Cambio: Who do you look up to?
Isablla: I love Nasty Gal. I think that she [Sophia Amoruso] really did an amazing job of growing her business and in a relatively short amount of time, so I really look up to her. Donna Karen, as well, for the business side of things.

Cambio: Where are your favorite places to shop?
Isabella: I really like Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom.

For more of Isabella's designs, check out her website and shop her looks online.


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