Scrub It Off: Why You Need a Little Grit in Your Beauty Routine

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Think you don't need a body scrub in your shower caddy? Well, put it this way: If you shave your legs - or just want legs that look as fine as, say, Reese Witherspoon's (below) - you probably need a scrub.

But not as often as you might think.

"I don't believe everyone needs to use one daily or even weekly," says Karen Young, founder and CEO of Oui Shave, a brand-new shaving club just for women. "It's about getting to know your skin, your own cell turnover, and knowing when your skin tends to get excessively dry."

Which, for the record, isn't usually every day.

"If we keep ourselves hydrated and our skin moisturized it's less likely you'll need a scrub often. It may even be needed only a once a week or less."

Why use a scrub atall? Well, again,‚Äč put it this way: Do you want your moisturizer to work?

"Scrubs help encourage cell turnover and reveal the newer skin underneath," Young says. "And once that skin is revealed-and this same principle applies to our faces-products do tend to sink in a little better.

"Scrubs are definitely something we should work into our routine."

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