Harry Styles Asked If He's Heard Taylor Swift's 1989: His Surprising Answer

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Has Harry Styles listened to Taylor Swift's new album? And what does he think of it (and about being the inspiration for her song lyrics)? We figured we'd never get that answer from him directly...but we were wrong.

A fan asked Harry if he'd yet heard 1989 and, though shouting to him while he was driving off, you can hear his answer through the rolled down window.

Guess what? He says he has heard the album and even throws a compliment Taylor's way, saying, "Yeah, it's good, isn't it?"

Thanks for asking, Directioner - and thanks for the answer, Harry. Rumors that Harry has defended Taylor's songwriting may not be that far off base, after all.

The fan shared the video on Instagram, writing: "I still can't believe this happened! #harrystyles #london #secretlocation #loveofmylife #omfg #imshaking"

I still can't believe this happened! 😭😭😭💘 #harrystyles #london #secretlocation #loveofmylife #omfg #imshaking

Een video die is geplaatst door Rachel Megg (@rachelmeggm) op

That "ohmygod" at the end though. 😂💔 STILL CANT BELIEVE THIS HAPPENED. #harrystyles #london #secretlocation #loveofmylife #omfg

Video zveřejněné uživatelem Rachel Megg (@rachelmeggm) dne

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