Bruce Jenner Is Being Taunted at His Country Club (Report)

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Apparently, some people never grow out of bullying.

Bruce Jenner is reportedly being taunted at the country club where he golfs every day, which is the same club that he golfed every day before all of this drama with his hair, his nails and whatnot. So, people there probably know him for who he is and shouldn't care whether his hair is highlighted or not.

Turns out, there are a couple of guys who just can't hang with Bruce's new look and they've been bullying him while he's trying to enjoy the club.

According to TMZ, one golfer passed by Bruiser while he was putting and yelled "how's your d**k?" Aside from the fact that you're supposed to be quiet while someone is putting, that kind of comment is completely out of line in any situation.

We give Bruce a ton of credit, though, because he was quick on his feet and came up with the perfect response. "It's right here," he said, pointing to his crotch. "It hasn't worked in 20 years." We don't know what happened next, but we really hope Bruce sunk a tough putt while the would-be harasser drove away, disappointed.

Unfortunately, it's not just happening ON the course. The site also reports that in the locker room, some guy came up to him, made fun of his hair and threatened to cut it off.

Yep, these are grown men we're talking about. As for Bruce, he knows better than to let some bullies get him down, so he's still hitting the links as often as he likes and isn't letting them intimidate him. Go Bruce!
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