Jenelle Evans Shares Some Good News: "I'm So Happy I Could Cry"

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Jenelle Evans had some exciting news to share with her fans this week.

The 22-year-old reality star took to her Twitter page to announce that she was officially CPR certified. "I'm so happy I could cry for how extremely proud I am of myself at this point in my life. #HappyTears," she wrote.

We know, we know. A CPR class is like 2-3 hours long and seems like NBD to most of us, but it is to Jenelle because it's yet another step she's taking in the right direction.

After everything that she went through in the last few years (jail, rehab, you name it), we're thrilled for her, even though it's a seemingly small accomplishment, it's what it means that makes it so much bigger.

Jenelle recently went back to school, where she is studying to become a medical assistant. Things seem to be going pretty well, too, because just a few weeks ago, she showed off a certificate congratulating her for having a 3.5 GPA or above as well as an 80% or better attendance record. Pretty impressive considering she's got a new baby at home.

As for the CPR certification, it was probably part of her coursework, which is even more meaningful because she's sticking with it and doing what she needs to do to better her life.

Plus, knowing that you have the ability to help save someone's life if the need arises is kind of a cool feeling, too.
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