Is Khloe Kardashian Mad That Kendall Jenner Hung Out With Her Ex?

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When a guy dates one of the Kardashian girls, he's pretty much dating the whole family, because they're so close. That being the case, sometimes they hang out with the boyfriends when the sister he's dating isn't even around, because they're all buddies.

That would be really neat (because we all like when our family approves of/likes the guy we're dating), but what about after we break up? They should end their friendship with the guy, too, in solidarity. Right?

Possibly not. We kinda think it depends on the breakup. If there was cheating or some other scandal that hurt the family member, then you go all ride or die and yes, that's the end of that. If they ended things on a good note, though, and THEY'RE still friends with the guy, then we think it's fine.

In Khloe Kardashian's case, she and French Montana have ended their relationship, so some people were surprised when sister Kendall Jenner hung out with him recently and wondered if Khlo was mad about it.

"Khoe's not bothered by French taking pictures with her sister. Seriously, Kendall is hot," a source told HollywoodLife. "What man wouldn't wouldn't want to be snapped with her? Khloe's also not worried about French crossing the line and hitting on Kendall. He knows better than to try that. There would be hell to pay."

Khloe is also still close with French and it seems like she knows she can trust him and she obviously knows she can trust her sister, so it's all good.

Would you have been mad if you were Khloe? Even if you were still on good terms with the guy?
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