#AlexFromTarget Visits 'The Ellen Show', But Is He a Hoax?

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The internet swooned over photos of Alex Christopher LaBeouf, aka #AlexFromTarget, after a photo of the Texas teen working the Target register went viral this week.

He went from a mere 144 Twitter followers to 600,000, spawned many memes and even got Ariana Grande's attention...and now, he's on The Ellen Show!

During his sitdown with Ellen DeGeneres, Alex seemed almost as confused as we are about his overnight fame and says he's even fielding marriage offers!

But one thing he wants to make clear is he's not part of any marketing ploy. After his overnight internet celeb status, a company called Breakr tried to say they were behind the viral hit when they got a fangirl to post the pic of Alex and created the trending hashtag.

"We wanted to see how powerful the fangirl demographic was by taking [an] unknown good-looking kid and Target employee from Texas to overnight viral internet sensation," they wrote on a LinkedIn post.

But Alex denies any knowledge of said company or knowing that the pic was even Tweeted until a store manager told him. Are you still crushing on Alex hardcore now that you've gotten to see him on TV and not just behind the register at Target?

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