Hilary Duff Explains How She Handled All of the Media Attention Surrounding Her Split

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Hilary Duff is all too familiar with living her life in the spotlight. She's been famous since she was a teenager and has had successful careers as both a singer and an actress. Of course, with fame, comes the inevitable invasion of privacy.

Being as Hilary is hugely popular, there is a lot of extra interest in what she's up to - whether it's something as simple as taking her son Luca to the park or something as serious as her split from husband Mike Comrie.

While we're beyond impressed at how amicable their split was, it sounds like the fact that we all did know every detail about her life was tough for Hil to handle.

"I have a good therapist!" she tells Elle Canada regarding all of the media attention they received. "I've dealt with [attention] for such a long time. But some of the bigger struggles that came my way in the past two years - like my separation or when my parents separated - were the first times I had to deal with people knowing about something personal happening to my family."

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"It just felt so invasive and insensitive," she continued. "It got really gross, and I think part of you gets a bit desensitized. The best way to handle it is by just owning your s**t. I'm human and this is what happened. None of us is perfect."

We can not imagine how difficult that would be. As if going through it isn't painful enough, dealing with the tabloids and the rumors and people digging deeper into your personal life would just be excruciating.

For what it's worth, we never saw anything bad about Hilary or Mike. In fact, we remain impressed at the level of respect they're showing for each other and the friendship they have maintained.

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