Jenelle Evans Calls Out Her Haters for Being Hypocritical

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As we've watched Jenelle Evans' Twitter interactions, we've noticed one thing: it seems that no matter WHAT she does, the haters are going to find something to criticize her about.

She is trying so hard right now to keep her life on track and make up for the mistakes she's made in the past, but the haters refuse to accept that.

If she does post a picture of her kids, people find something wrong with it; if she doesn't post a picture of them, she gets 'you're a bad mom, why aren't you with your kids?' kind of comments.

Usually, Jenelle lets it roll off of her back, because as any of us know, there is an abundance of internet bullies who pretty much make a hobby out of writing nasty comments.

This week, though, Jenelle finally decided she'd had enough. After fans called CPS on her a few weeks ago and criticized her every day in between, she finally had to speak up for herself.

Pointing out the haters' hypocrisy, Jenelle tweeted, "I buy something expense they b**ch, I go to Walmart to get something cheap and quick they b**ch." And we have to agree with her. We've seen people slam her when she spends money and turn around and do the same when she tries to save.

The good news is that Jenelle is able to take it all in stride. Besides, she's too busy bettering her own life to worry about people trying to tear her down.
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