Leah Calvert's Alleged "Other Man" Returns to Twitter, Denies Deer Cam Footage

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We just want all of this Leah and Jeremy Calvert drama to be over, but it doesn't look like we're gonna get that anytime soon.

After Jeremy went on a scathing Twitter rant last month accusing his wife of cheating, things only seem to be getting more intense. Leah and Jeremy's families got into it on social media, Jeremy changed his Facebook status to "divorced" and the alleged "other man" is Leah's ex, Robbie Kidd, who she admittedly cheated on Corey Simms with.

Robbie initially did an interview denying that he and Leah had hooked up while she was married to Jeremy, telling RadarOnline that "nothing happened" between the two of them.

Unfortunately, that didn't end the whole saga the way we were all hoping it would and now Robbie has returned to Twitter after a year-long absence to set the record straight.

There is reportedly some footage of Robbie sneaking through a back door that was caught on a deer cam, but Robbie denies that, too.

"There's no deer cam proof anywhere because I wasn't there for there to be," he replied to one fan, before replying to another and clarifying, "no deer cams have caught me doing s**t."

In another reply, he said that "all of this drama and bulls**t is over nothing," and maybe it is? If there WAS footage, don't you think it would have made its way to the media by now?

We're still hoping that Leah and Jeremy are able to work through all of this.
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