Lily Allen Goes on Twitter Rant Explaining Why She Keeps Her Kids Out of the Public Eye

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Lily Allen has received criticism in the past for not parading her kids around in front of the paparazzi, with some tabloids apparently thinking that makes her a bad mom.

Back in February, she took to Twitter to slam those critics when she was trying to make her comeback and she was photographed leaving shows late at night without her kids, which had some people wondering why she wasn't with them.

"Good morning, i'm getting a lot of nasty messages in my feed about my children. Thank you for your concern, but i assure you they are fine," she wrote on the popular social media site. "And are never far away, you just don't see them in pictures because i don't tote them around like accessories."

Unfortunately, that didn't seem to stop them and the "Sheezus" singer has finally had enough. In a new Twitter rant, she once again defended her parenting skills and let us in on the sad reality of what it's like for the kids growing up with famous parents. Sounds to us like she's the exact opposite of a bad mother. She sounds like a very concerned mother who isn't interested in getting a few extra likes on pics of her kids and is more interested in making sure they feel safe and shielded from the pitfalls of having a famous mom.

Lily isn't the first celeb to speak out on behalf of the kids when it comes to paparazzi. Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard started a very powerful campaign to get media outlets to stop purchasing pics of celeb kids who are not celebrities themselves.

Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner also successfully lobbied California legislators last year and got an anti-paparazzi bill passed, which makes it a misdemeanor to attempt to photograph or a child of a celebrity or public official in a harassing manner.

Lily is just doing her part to try to protect her own kids from the same thing and we certainly can't fault her for that.
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