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No Stress Means No Problems and No Worries

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In the face of the most difficult school year yet, many high school juniors are stressed over the pressures of college admissions. Everyone in high school is told that "Junior year is the most important year," "Colleges look at your junior year the most," and "Junior year is the hardest school year."

These statements may be true to some extent with SAT preparation, AP Classes, and the many extracurriculars. It is also depends on how the student handles it. Time management is the most important factor in order to survive the overwhelming pressures. With extracurriculars piled on top of difficult coursework, students have little to no time to themselves. School is important, but despite how difficult, is is important to stay sane for your mental health. School should never dictate a person's life.

To all the stressed students: Remember to schedule some time for you! Whether that means catching up on YouTube videos or having a beauty day. Always have a day for you, whether it is being alone or hanging out with friends. Remember to always do what makes you happy and what you love to do! Although you should always try your hardest in school and try not to procrastinate. I know your favorite TV show is on tonight, but you should really study for your big test tomorrow, so study today, and watch TV tomorrow. Planning your schedule like this will help improve your grades because you are avoiding procrastination.

Grades aren't the only thing colleges look at as well. They want to see the kind of person you are inside and outside of school to see if you are going to be a good fit at their college. A bad test score is not the end of the world, so do not stress over it! Just study extra hard for the next test. Stressing is the worst thing to do because it will not allow you to be happy. Being happy is very important because in the end, you will have a better attitude and even perform better in school. Junior year is difficult, but remember, no stress means no problems and no worries!
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