Think You Don't Need an Eye Cream? Think Again

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We love our job. But we hate long skin care routines. After all, who can get a decent night's beauty sleep if you're too busy piling on the beauty products, hmm? Any time we can get a skin care shortcut, we take it.

So we recently reached out to beauty experts with a simple question. Given that we have a really great facial moisturizer, do we really need an eye cream to have eyes as bright as, say, Emma Watson's? Or will such a choice doom us to a lifetime of Taylor Swift-style puffiness?

We were all excited. We thought the answer would be no.

We were wrong.

"Most facial moisturizers are too rich for use in the eye area," says Sara Damelio, owner and founder of the natural-beauty brand Skincando. "The skin around your eyes is just different from the skin on your face. It benefits from a lighter formula."

So does eye makeup, as it turns out.

"If you use a heavier facial cream on your eyes and then put on eye makeup it's just going to bleed," Sara explains. "You'll get raccoon eyes."

Skincando offers a fabulous, synthetics-free eye cream made from natural and organic ingredients.

Or, in a pinch, we've been known to reach for L'Oreal's eye creams, available right in the drug store. They're lightweight on the eyes ... and lightweight on the wallet.


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