What's Up With the RIP Taylor Swift Mural in New York City?

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Taylor Swift is dead? No! But, if you're driving or walking through New York City anytime soon, you might see that mural everyone is talking about. You know, the one that says T-Swift isn't alive anymore...

A boutique on Manhattan's Lower East Side asked graffiti artist Antonio "Chico" Garcia to paint their storefront with a picture of Taylor, and the words "RIP Taylor Swift." The owners reportedly wanted to make a statement (or cash in on Tay being in their city), and decided to get the artwork done despite the backlash that could come.

The woman that Chico painted in the mural doesn't actually look like Taylor. That was done on purpose, though.

"The celebrities never looked like the actual celebrity, some of the figures were deformed, and the perspective would be all wrong to the point that you would argue anyone could do them using the opposite of their writing hand. But he belonged to us," the store's owner said about Chico's work.

But why does it say "RIP Taylor Swift" by her head? Chico is actually leaving his beloved New York City for Florida, simply because he can't afford to live there anymore. The "RIP" is a nod to him having to depart. Could fame and showbiz be the reason why it's so expensive to live there? Hmm...

So far Taylor hasn't stopped by to see the mural, but we bet that's coming soon. "We'd like to think that she's got a pretty good sense of humor," the owner added "We're still waiting for her to stop by and take a selfie!"

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