This Kid's Rap About Transgender Acceptance Is Absolutely Brilliant

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When Alex introduces his friends and says he's going to be performing a rap that he and his mom wrote together, we were thinking "aw, isn't that sweet?" ...and it is, but it's also SO much more than that.

Alex goes on to explain that the song is about how he came out and told his mom that he's transgender. After his mom gets a well-deserved round of applause, Alex gives her an adorable "I love you!" shoutout and begins his song.

We've included the full lyrics because we thought every single word he said was worth repeating:

"So I have a little story I'd like to share about something I went through that might seem pretty rare. Please try and imagine if this was you or you might have something that you can relate it to. So I was just a little kid about 7 or 8 and I had something to say that could no longer wait.

So I went to my mom that hot day in July with a hope in my heart and a tear in my eye. Basically I said this girl is your son and I've always felt this way and it hasn't been fun. We sat there together for a little while I thought she was sad but then I saw her smile. She told me I was brave and that she was so proud that I came to her so she could help me sort things out.

My family and friends / were also on board and the support that I got just had me floored. And from that day on I started my path and we worked together and even faced some wrath. Together we can weather whatever this life brings and we'll continue to love and I'll continue to sing. And I know that there are other kids who feel like I do and I truly understand what they are going through.

Thank you all for sitting here and taking the time to let me tell my message in the form of a rhyme. Please treat everyone the way you expect we all deserve freedom, love and respect."

The performance took place at Camp Aranu'tiq, which, according to their website, is a place that helps "build confidence, resilience, and community for transgender and gender-variant youth and their families through camp experiences."

While Alex and his message alone were enough to win our hearts, we have to say, the song is pretty catchy and this is one we definitely don't mind having stuck in our heads for a little while. "We all deserve freedom, love and respect...."
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