Why Are People Mad About This Pic of Leah Calvert's Daughters?

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While nobody knows what is really going on behind the scenes, we know as much as Leah and Jeremy Calvert have decided to make public, which is essentially the fact that there was a rumor that Leah cheated and Jeremy believed it.

That being said, Leah has probably been under A LOT of stress lately. Add that to the custody battle she's fighting with her ex husband Corey Simms and we can't imagine things are too fun for her right now.

Despite all of the drama, Leah is putting on a brave face and trying to share happy things with her fans, like this Facebook photo (below) of her three adorable daughters, which was shared on her official fan page.
Unfortunately, some fans weren't too thrilled about the fall family photos. "Beautiful babies but not approiate [sic] clothes," one person commented. "I find their shirts inappropriate for their age," another chimed in.

A lot of other people shared the same sentiment - some were much nicer about it than others - and Leah, or whoever was monitoring comments at the time, did jump in and say that it was hot to explain why they weren't wearing undershirts.

Of all the comments we read, we agree most with this person, who said, "Funny, I didn't see anywhere in the post where she asked for anyone's opinions or approval. They are beautiful."

Live and let live, ya'll.
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