Beyonce Called Out For Possibly Photoshopping Her Butt Again

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Another day, another set of sexy Beyonce selfies and another wave of fans crying "Photoshop!"

In a tribute to her husband Jay-Z's hit "99 Problems," the singer shared provocative photos of herself in a bodysuit reading: "99 Problems But My A** Ain't One", and while we love the body positive twist on the lyrics, it appears perhaps she does have an issue with her booty.

If you look at the way the curtains bend around her butt and waist compared to how they hang straight in another shot she posted, it looks like she may have doctored this up a bit to make herself appear slimmer.

Also, her thigh gap is huge in the first pic and nonexistent in the second one.
Beyonce photoshopped thigh gap
The 33-year-old has been accused of slimming down her photos multiple times before. As a self-proclaimed feminist who claims to love her curves, it'd be disappointing if she's repeatedly giving herself a digital diet.

We think you look great just the way you are, girl!

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