Ashley Tisdale Teases New Move Into the Fashion World

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Can we expect a new fashion or accessory line from Ashley Tisdale? If so, we wouldn't be surprised. The former Disney star is a serious #girlboss. She's a creator, builder and all-around doer. You know her from her acting and music careers, but she's also built her own production company, Blondie Girl Productions, and is even hinting that she may soon journey into the world of fashion. Her first step is participating in Shoedazzle's latest charity initiative, ShoeDazzle Cares, by sponsoring a special shoe that will benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, an organization committed to leading the way the world understands, treats and defeats childhood cancer.

"I partnered up with Shoedazzle and I'm sponsoring a shoe. I'm a humongous supporter behind St. Jude. I visited the hospital a year-and-a-half ago and hung out with the children and actually one of the kids I met decorated the boot that I chose and put her own little spin on it," said Ashley. "I'm excited to be a part of ShoeDazzle, I'm a big fan of shopping and I love fashion... I love shoes."

Since Ashley loves to shop, we asked her all about fashion and style, as well as what's next for her acting and producing career. Check out our Q & A below.

Cambio: What's your favorite fall trend?
Ashely: Right now greys are my favorite color. I love being able to just layer a bunch of grey and black. I think black is something that whenever it gets into fall I like to go a little bit darker with my style. I love the oversize jackets. I just got this really cute rag & bone jacket, but I'm always someone who obviously loves shopping.

Cambio: What's your style must-have?
Ashley: I definitely think my style must-have would have to be a really great pair of jeans, [or] really great boots. I'm not someone who likes to wear high heels all the time. I love a good bootie. Those I think are the most versatile, where you can wear it with skinny jeans or an oversize sweater. Or you can dress them up with a cute little dress and tights in the winter or in the summertime you can just have like a cute little spring dress with them or skirt. I feel like boots are just something you can dress up or dress down. I think those are the two go-tos for me. (Check out the bootie Ashley is sponsoring for ShoeDazzle Cares below.)

Cambio: Where are your favorite places to go shopping?
Ashley: Topshop, rag & bone, Intermix, Barney's and Free People.

Cambio: What's your best piece of style advice for young girls?
Ashley: If I were going to give my younger self advice I'd probably say less is more, because there are certain trends that come around...the layer trend is something that it's like, pick the pieces you want to layer. When I was younger, I used to just layer everything...layer jewelry and layer clothes and I just did not know. So I guess like with the whole layering trend, pick pieces.

Cambio: One of the shows you produce, Young and Hungry, is nominated for a People's Choice Award. What does that mean to you?
Ashley: Oh my gosh, it's like really exciting. You know it's super exciting to have our first scripted show be on the air let alone people loving it and voting for it to be nominated. Getting a nomination for People's Choice is awesome. I've been producing for so long and this is the first scripted show I took out, so it was pretty exciting. From the start it's been exciting, every single step of the way.

Cambio: Whats next for for you and your production company, Blondie Girl Productions?
Ashley: Right now we're just in a lot of different elements. We have been developing shows for E! and Bravo, a lot of unscripted, there's some scripted stuff, but we always kind of have a lot going on over there. There's also movies we're producing, so just a lot of stuff in development right now.

Cambio: Can your fans expect any new music soon?
Ashley: Not right now. I've just been really focused on producing and also I'm going to be starring in my own series, Buzzy's, on TBS. I start that in March. So I have a lot going on. If I were to do more music, I would want to focus a lot on it. So I've just kind of been doing that and also, can't talk too much about it, but I might be also getting into the fashion world, as well, so I have a couple things I am developing and excited to hopefully share soon. Not right now, but maybe! I never like to say no.

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