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Disheartening Thoughts

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Recently I had a friend talk to me about how she felt a little hurt by the fact that no one had asked her on a date in a sizable amount of time. Now this friend is a firm believer in the idea that no one should have control of your idea of self worth, especially the person you are dating. Nevertheless she could not help feeling vulnerable, and undesirable.

Now this article is not going to be some cry for the male population to ask my friend out, it is more of a piece that I feel not just females can relate to, but men as well. I think that most people can understand how it feels to be ignored by the people you are attracted too, it is an all too common emotion we share.

Which is where I come in to say, love yourself first before ever expecting someone to love you. Now this is not a requirement you should make when it comes to getting in possible relationships with others. But it is something you should constantly have sitting in your mind, that does not mean that you get free will to be selfish. Instead you should pick out the things you see as flaws about yourself, and slowly with much perseverance learn to love them.

Often I see people in my life measuring their self worth up to what their significant other loves about them, and what they disapprove of. There should be a different mindset, people should accept the flaws of others, and vice versa; and always leave room for improvement within ourselves. While yes it can be disheartening to not be asked to reserve your Friday for a date with someone, remember that is not the focal point of your life.

Try living your life with the knowledge that sometimes people do not like you, and that is their problem, not yours. Concentrate on improving your life, and stay away from thoughts that put you in a rut. Always know that confidence comes from within - no one, and nothing can tell you that you deserve it.
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