Fall Hair Is Messy in a Good Way: Get This Look in 10 Minutes or Less

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For us, fall usually means a haircut. But plenty of fashionistas like to keep their hair long during the cooler months. But keeping that long hair looking current? Therein lies the rub.

According to top stylists, the freshest way to keep your long hair in vogue at the moment involves a rubber band...and very little else. Seriously.

Top Los Angeles-based celebrity hairstylist Mitch Stone, who has worked on Tyra Banks, Jennifer Lopez and Alyssa Milano, says that one of the hottest trends is the messy pony tail (or, in the case of Nina Dobrev, a braid).

"I call it, 'I did this running out the door'," he says. "The messy ponytail is current because it's still glamorous, but in a low-key way."

If you haven't had time to wash your hair, that's perfectly OK! Sprinkle in some dry shampoo and brush your hair out. A few drops of any serum, like Stone's Lustre Drops, will refine and soften the hair. Loosely gather the ponytail, tie a rubber band around it, and then let your imagination run free. A mist of lightweight hairspray, including his Session Spray, holds the look in place without any weight.

"Nina Dobrev pulls it off perfectly," Stone says. So do Blake Lively and Zoe Saldana.

And, start to finish, it should be done in under ten minutes.

"Any more than that and you are trying too hard," Mitch says.


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