Is Aria 'A'? 'Pretty Little Liars' Star Lucy Hale Says "It Would Make Sense"

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Pretty Little Liars fans have been waiting season after season to find out who exactly the 'Big A' is. Now, Lucy Hale is dishing on how she would feel if it ended up being her character, Aria.

"I've heard that, because [our fans] are very smart and they pick up on everything...and it's legit stuff too," she told Entertainment Tonight. "They've lined up some of the things Aria has said and it would make sense. She's always kind of like missing too. It's usually like the three girls and Aria is like never there."

If she does end up being the 'Big A,' Aria said she's ready to take on the challenge. "I would love that," she continued. "I think that as an actor everyone wants to play the bad guy so, whatever, it would be fun!"

As it turns out, her costars Troian Bellisario and Ashley Benson do know who 'A' is, but they won't tell Lucy, and neither will anyone else.

ABC Family's "I've begged and begged and begged and they will not tell me," Lucy said. "I think they found out on accident – like they weren't supposed to know – and I think they're trying to keep it down to a minimum of who really knows, because people accidentally talk."

For now, the mystery of 'Big A' will still continue – even for Lucy - but, she does have an idea of who she thinks it will be.

"This isn't coming from the writers or anyone that would have say in it," the actress said. "But a lot of people think it might be one of the girls or one of the parents. It's obviously not Ezra anymore so...I kind of wished they would have saved that for the very end. That Ezra would have been the ultimate 'A' because it's the ultimate twist, it's devastating."

As for what she'd like to see for Aria in the future, Lucy joked, "I'd like to see her have some stability, [but] that will never happen on TV. I would love to see the show flash forward a little bit and have the girls go away and think that everything is fine and then their world comes crashing down on them once again."

Who do you think is the 'Big A?' Tell us in the comments!

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