Jenelle Evans Doesn't Want People to Repeat Her Past Mistakes

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Against what seemed like impossible odds, Jenelle Evans managed to completely turn her life around and is finally living a life she can be proud of.

While there are a lot of things pretty much everyone has in their past that they're not proud of, Jenelle had the unique situation of going through what would otherwise be a very private struggle in a very public way.

Unfortunately, her celebrity status made her a role model of sorts and she's noticed some of her fans going down the same path she went down.

"It really makes me sad to see others follow in my footsteps from my past. Even after giving the best advice months ago," she posted on her Facebook page.

She didn't elaborate on exactly which piece of advice she was referring to, but her experience alone could serve as a sufficient warning.

Last season on Teen Mom 2, Jenelle's mom said she thought Jenelle was going to end up dead and there were a lot of us who feared the same for her.

Now, she's not only still alive, she's thriving. She is in a steady relationship with Nathan Griffith, she just welcomed her second child AND she's in school. Most importantly, she's clean and sober and able to enjoy all of it.
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