Katy Perry Throws Shade on Twitter: Was It Directed at Taylor Swift?

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Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have not been seeing eye-to-eye lately. Ever since some of Taylor's backup dancers quit to go work for Katy, subtle disses have been flying back and forth.

Their ongoing feud was quiet for a couple of days until Katy's friend/possible boyfriend DJ Diplo took to Twitter to diss the "Shake It Off" singer's booty.

Neither Katy or Taylor had said anything about it, but Katy did take to Twitter to throw some subtle generic shade that may or may not have been directed at Taylor.
She didn't specifically say who she was talking about and she DID post the tweet the same day paparazzi favorite Kim Kardashian's scandalous butt photo was released, so who knows?

From the fans' perspective, some seemed to think it was about Taylor, with some Swifties jumping in to defend her. "Tbh I don't really trust people that don't have 7 Grammys," one person wrote highlighting Taylor's achievements. "tbh I don't really trust people who sell sex to 10 year old girls and copy every single idea/image from a 40s comic character," another chimed in.

What do you guys think? Was she throwing shade at Taylor? At Kim? Or was it just a very coincidentally-timed general statement?
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