What Did Kim Kardashian's Ex Husband Say About Her Naked Shoot?

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If you've had any access to the internet at all over the past few days, you're probably well-aware that Kim Kardashian posed naked for Paper magazine.

In the attempt to #BreaktheInternet, the reality star first showed her bare backside and after that dominated our social feeds for a good 12 hours, the full-frontal photo was released.

Of course, most of the general public does not know Kim Kardashian personally, so there is a degree of separation there when we see her naked photos. In other words, we aren't necessarily emotionally invested in it.

What about if that was your ex in those photos, though? Totally different story. Given that Kim has two ex husbands out there, we were kind of curious what they thought of the whole thing.

We don't know what hubby No. 1 thinks, but Kris Humphries was asked about it during a radio interview with 106.7 The Fan.
Duane McLaughlin's
"I gotta ask you this, man," the host said and we're pretty sure Kris knew exactly where that was going. "Listen. Yesterday there was like this thing that melted the Internet, and I'm sure you know what I'm talking about - what's that like on a day like yesterday? Are guys giving you a hard time? Or is it just something that's not a big deal at this stage?"

After highlighting his basketball achievements, "Kris said, But everything else, I don't really pay a lot of attention to...I'm not someone who's paying attention to things that don't really matter in my world."

Ouch! That said a lot, without actually saying anything at all.
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