Amanda Bynes Reportedly Threatened to Kill Her Family

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Amanda Bynes' troubling behavior seems to be getting worse, following her release from a mental facility last month.

In new audio released by TMZ, which was reportedly taped by Amanda's roommates, the troubled starlet talks to her friend on the phone about wanting to kill her family.

"If your father was my father, then you would understand why you'd want to slit his wrists...I don't want to shoot my father in the face, and that's why I said I want to like strip for him as a joke. I want to literally like lead him into a ditch...and I haven't decided how I want to murder him, because now I have this war wound on my face, and I don't believe in murder," she reportedly says in the audio file.

"'Cause I look at him like a murderer person. He literally like is the worst person...and he tries to match me and nothing would give me greater pleasure than like slitting his throat. That's what I would love," she continued. "So like I'm not gonna like ever do such a thing, but, like I call my mom and like I threaten to kill her, and I threaten to slit her wrist, and I threaten to like burn down her house and like I said a bunch of s**t that like I've never felt better."

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - October 06, 2014"I'm gonna continue telling you guys I'm gonna murder my family like 'cause that's the thing that like, they're in control of my money, and that's why I don't have much money right now."

Amanda's taped rant comes just a few days after she dyed her hair purple and went on a Twitter rant about Adolf Hitler and refusing to follow ugly people.

According to E! Online, the 28-year-old actress was also out and about in Los Angeles Thursday night, stopping by Sharky's Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles for dinner with a male friend, and then heading to hot spot 1OAK.

A source told the site, Amanda didn't drink or dance while she was there, but spent her time looking in the mirror at herself and at photos of Ariana Grande on her phone.

She and her friend, artist JJ Brine, stayed for about two hours and left in an UberX.

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